Web Design


Papillon Restaurant

When I first visited Papillon Restaurant in Fremont, California and tried their food, I was "hooked"! Their cuisine is to die for; however, at the time, their website was not and certainly did not convey the high quality of their food. I certainly took care of that.

Hewlett Packard Software

The HP Innovation Showroom.

Hewlett Packard Software

The HP Software Garage intranet website.

Ventyx Mindshare 2012

Mindshare 2012 is a micro website created for Ventyx.

Fame For Kids

Another early website effort for FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experience) program. A curriculum that introduces elementary school children to classical music and art. I also served as a docent at my kids school a couple of times.


As Web Design Program Manager for the IBM Storage website, I oversaw the entire website, some 16,000 pages. While there, I directed an original re-design of the website. Later, coordinated the corporate HQ re-design. Also assured that the IBM design/style guides were strictly enforced. Web Cop!


Recently named America's fastest growing staffing company by Staffing Industry Analysts, an independent industry advisory service.

Ballet Petit

A website that I created over ten years ago and still looks nice.

Save the Lorenzo

Website created to raise awareness of the old Lorenzo Theatre in San Lorenzo, California. The theatre featured art deco styling and a beautiful hand painted interior. Sadly, without funding, is slowly crumbling to dust.


Created the site architecture, layout and design as well as the logo; unfortunately, a casualty of the dot.com bubble.