• Approached by the Program Lead of HP Software Innovation to conceive and develop an new intranet website that celebrates innovation, I quickly put on my drinking cap, uh, my thinking cap and started conceptualizing ideas and putting them to paper. The HP people liked my direction and asked for photoshop renderings. Here are some first draft concept sketches and a mock up. Once again meeting with the HP folks and discussing their content, I presented another, more exciting approach.

  • The concept involved a sequence of

  • With the success of the Innovation Garage, others in the ranks of HP also wanted to enlist my talents for their own projects. The leadership of a new micro site entitled "Battle bots" wanted me to provide some concepts for an animated splash page using flash. I sketched out some rough ideas and enhanced it a bit with Photoshop to convey the conception. They liked the drawing so much that they decided to go that stylized route rather than creating a photo realistic environment for the project which saved me a lot of development work. I cleaned up the artwork and here is the outcome in poster form.

  • TVTours.org loves animation and have commissioned TimKautz.com for several projects that were pretty fun, if not, time consuming.